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        "Principal's letter box" is an important part of school affairs publicity, and an important means to promote the better development of schools and promote the rule of law. In order to make better use of the efficiency of "principal's mailbox" and further promote precision management and refined services, the following provisions are made:
      1. "principal's mailbox" consists of school-level mailbox and departmental mailbox. The principal's office is responsible for the management and maintenance of school-level mailbox, which includes the principal's mailbox and principal's text messages. Each functional department and the office of the secondary unit are responsible for the management and maintenance of the department mailbox, which is composed of the section chief's mailbox or the President's mailbox.
     2. The range of letters received by the school-level mailbox includes problems that need to be reported directly to the leadership of the university, opinions and Suggestions that are comprehensive and overall, or problems that need to be coordinated by multiple departments and have not been solved for many times. The office of the principal shall be responsible for timely submitting the problems reflected to the relevant leaders for review and processing, and shall give replies to the contents of the letters or entrust functional departments to reply.
      3. If the problem belongs to the specific business of department management, please directly send the problem to the corresponding department mailbox. If no distinction is made, it may affect the validity of a letter's reply.
      4. In order to verify and reply to the problems reflected, please specify your real name and contact information (telephone number or address) so as to provide timely feedback. For letters which do not indicate the name of the writer or the authenticity of his/her name, the "principal's box" is for general advice and reference only and will not be returned.
      5. If the content of the letter is true and specific, the letter should be replied within 1 week in principle, and relevant departments will make corresponding explanation for the questions that cannot be replied within 1 week.
      6. Please indicate any letter that does not wish to receive a public reply.
      7. The administrators of the "principal's mailbox" will directly delete the mails and advertising mails that maliciously attack the school or others, and the school reserves the right to pursue their legal responsibilities.