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       Cultural region:The school is located in the cultural area of the region, the concentration of institutions of higher learning, science and technology developed; The school is located in the main road of lixia district, and enjoys convenient transportation. The beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural atmosphere create a harmonious and good environment for the growth of students.
       International idea:Respecting the rule of people's life development, and accurately grasp the essence of education, adhering to the "education for life to grow up in" the education philosophy and "in teachers' professional knowledge service to the students individual life growth" education philosophy, adhere to the development of students, help students' life growth, the efforts to cultivate all-round development and rich individual character of students, help each student to become the best you can be.

       Professional team:A high-level management team and teachers team was established, with "provincial education advanced workers" commended by the government of shandong province, "a thousand backbone principals in primary and secondary schools nationwide" by the ministry of education, special grade teachers of shandong province, and miao heming, the sixth supervision school of shandong province as the first principal. All the teachers are assigned by the group, and all the head teachers have more than half a year of overseas teaching experience, and the subject teachers have overseas training experience to ensure that the teaching focuses on domestic courses and is in line with international standards.

       Personalized instruction:No more than 40 students in each class will adopt the teaching mode of teaching according to their aptitude, stratified teaching, independent learning and exploration and innovation to provide rich soil for individual attention and individuality.

       Quality courses:On the basis of national and local courses, the curriculum system of "low burden, high efficiency, diversity and selectivity" is carefully designed, covering the humanities, science, health, art, psychology, international understanding and other aspects, and paying close attention to the all-round development of students' morality, intelligence, physique and beauty. In cooperation with education institutions such AS the United States and the United Kingdom, the advanced STEAM courses and as-level courses are introduced to solve problems in project activities by applying knowledge of various fields and disciplines.
       Immersion bilingual:While paying attention to the mother tongue, strengthening the classical poem and text education, cultivating the Chinese feelings, introducing the original international courses, carrying out bilingual teaching in some subjects, and creating an all-weather language atmosphere through overseas classroom connection, English salon, English drama performance, etc., so that students can learn the language under the guidance of interest and cultivate bilingual quality.
       Global perspective:Relying on the group overseas education center, to provide quality international education teaching resources, attaches great importance to the international understanding education, regularly carry out overseas studies, study in overseas summer camp, mini, short-term study abroad a variety of international exchange activities, such as in the "school of the world" has a strong curiosity and innovative thinking and problem solving skills, guides the student to a multiple perspective and experience the diversity of the world, facing the world, mutual understanding, and a positive mental attitude and different.

       Standardized service:We are equipped with full-time life and psychological guidance teachers to provide professional guidance for adapting to school, building harmonious interpersonal relationship and maintaining mental health. Based on various club activities, we can enrich students' campus experience, develop independent living ability, responsibility and character building, and lay a solid foundation for better adaptation to social life.