Admission plan
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1. recruitment plan
The primary division plans to recruit four classes in the first year, with no more than 40 students per class.
2. Registration conditions
Children who were born before August 31, 2012 (including 31) and have reached the age of six; The upper limit of the enrollment area is set in shandong province, mainly in jinan.
3.Conditions for submission
(1) birth certificate and vaccination certificate;
(2) kindergarten graduation certificate or kindergarten study certificate;
(3) original family hukou, parents' marriage certificate and academic certificate;
(4) house property certificate or residence certificate for more than one year in jinan.
4. Registration method
The enrollment of primary school adopts the method of appointment registration, and the specific arrangement is as follows:
(1) June 1 solstice June 11, WeChat, website, telephone booking registration.
(2) on June 12, solstice and June 30, parents who have booked an appointment will come to the school for information collection, and at the same time, parents will communicate with each other on the concept of home and school, and students will have a campus life experience (game experience).
5. Admission methods
Students will be admitted according to the completeness of materials submitted by the enrolled children and the exchange of ideas between the school and the school.
6.Contact information
Contact number :(+86) 0531-81650606
School website:
Address: no. 10, lishan road, lixia district, jinan city